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The book Alive and Well On Earth (AWE) has been remastered, polished, and drastically sharpened up. It is available to you here for free! JUST GO TO THE "NEW BOOK" LINK AT Why? Because there are a few factors that make it more important to me for you to have this book available than it is for me to sell this book for the money.

1—Everyone needs entertainment. Everyone needs a break from life that enhances their life in some way. I’m sending you a lot of it. 

2—I have never claimed to be wise and am actually well known for admitting that there are very few people on Earth who have done as many stupid things as I have. On the other hand, my strange life has bounced me into many unique, more than a few bizarre, and several incredible experiences—and I have been smart enough to realize how stupid I can be and so have sought out and been benefited by hundreds of wisdom teachers over the past 50 years. Valuable information that they gave me is in this book. I guarantee that every reader will find at least one important helpful hint within. Some will find several. Others are going to find a lifeline in there.

3—I don't have the temperament to deal with the commercial world any more—not even Amazon. That means that in order to get this book circulated, a lot of satisfied readers are going to have to pass it on to friends and other appropriate venues. I am hoping you will become a satisfied reader.

      So, keep your money and read Alive and Well on Earth (AWE). Money is cool and I don’t have a lot. But I have enough to eat and consider myself wealthy in many non-financial areas. Once you feel wealthy in those non-financial areas, you realize that the planet you live on would be a much better place if everyone on it was happier, healthier, and also feeling wealthy in those and other non-financial areas. It becomes obvious that helping to facilitate this in any way possible, no matter how big or small, is as important as life itself. You may already know the more detailed chemistry behind why I am happier if you are happier. If not, it is well explained in the book.

       You will enjoy Alive and Well on Earth. I hope you will enjoy it enough to pass it on extensively. Everyone wants some good entertainment, many will appreciate and some will greatly benefit from the valuable information within, and I need the exposure.

    Thank you         and         You’re welcome

    Be well. Love from Kathmandu, Tenzin


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