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Supporting Wisdom Profesionals Worldwide:

Beyond The Books:​

All author profits will be used to sponsor Wisdom Professionals, beginning with, but not exclusive to, Buddhist Monks, Nuns, and causes.

Money from book sales will establish permanent funding sources (businesses/trust funds). 

These will make it financially viable for an increase in the number of Wisdom Professionals world wide. 

This is outlined well enough in Fearless Puppy's first and Reincarnation's last sections, but here's a more specific example:

A motel-type guesthouse can be built near a temple or meditation center. 

Money raised from the patronage of business travelers, vacationers, students coming to the center for teachings, and youth and tour groups can then be used to perpetually support and provide the basics (food, clothing, shelter, books, medical expenses) to an ever-increasing number of Wisdom Professionals. An ordinary contribution is spent and gone.

The Fearless Puppy project's contributions last forever


So when you buy a book, yours does, too.


Besides the main purpose of raising money for Monk/Nun sponsorships, we envision these guest houses will also create opportunities to come meet and learn from Asian leaders within an authentic Asian cultural setting. 

The comfortable accommodations will make Western students feel comfortable, while funding the care and education of existing and (especially within the framework of this project's goals) future wisdom professionals. 

The guesthouses will be open to local and international travelers year 'round in order to most efficiently achieve this objective (raise as much $ as possible).

These motel/hotel type facilities should also succeed in employing local builders and workers, and in improving the tourist trade and local economies of the areas they are in.

All these ancillary benefits are lovely, but our main goal is to make a 1% increase in the number of wisdom professionals world-wide financially viable through the efforts of this project.


How Would You Like to Help?


We need YOUR assistance to bring about a wiser world. Because we're not looking for the "usual" funding sources...


Fearless Puppy on American Road is not being sent to agents or publishers. 

Avoiding the usual industry percentage takes will maximize the profit from each book sold. This is grass roots at its best. 

Our advertising budget has been $0.00 for 15 years! 

We believe that the common concern of our friends will accomplish the universally beneficial goal.


If you enjoy reading the books and are in accord with Fearless Puppy’s purpose, please consider the following possibilities, as well as any creative options you can come up with yourself.


  1. Do you know of any positively motivated organizations who would want to receive copies of the books at a discount, in order to raise funds for their own group while assisting our effort?

  2. Do you know of any empathetic retail outlets that might carry the books? They needn't be bookstores! I have books in health food stores, bagel shops, and many other friendly places!

  3. Would you send an announcement of the books/project to the people on your social media? (Should you care to do this, but don't really want to write the announcement, I have a sample ready that I can forward to you.)

  4. If you have any friends who would enjoy the books, Reincarnation Through Common Sense and Fearless Puppy On American Road accomplish many purposes as a singular gift!

  5. If you have next week's winning lottery numbers, please keep us in mind.

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And let us know how you'd like to contribute to a world that truly values wisdom:

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