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Dear members of the team to feed the Nepali children, The friends of have met the $500 matching challenge, and so Tenzin has just given that additional $500. It doesn't reflect on the total you see at the GFM page. It didn’t make sense to ship it through GFM. It went right to the groceries. We are very grateful to the folks that have already given. To those who haven’t, please strongly consider contributing now. We are getting ready to make our second run up to the village. Last time, we fed 28 families out of the 75 that desperately needed help. Thanks to you, we now have enough money to feed an additional 30 families there. Times are hard all over the planet and we know we can't keep counting on the same people to repetitively fund this essential operation. Although great things have been done, there is so much more to do. So please, please, please—if you have contributed, spread this information around as much as you can without annoying people. *If you haven’t contributed yet, please watch the video and see what your contribution would accomplish. Poverty and hunger are a disaster no matter where they happen, but here in this third world country, they are an altogether life-threatening situation. No virus will decimate these people the way starvation can. Please do whatever you can to help. Thank you very much. p.s. Also some new photos @ GFM page

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