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Look What You Have Already Accomplished!

These photos show what happens as a result of your generosity. What you will see are some very relieved children and parents. Thank you so much to those who gave the first contributions we received. We hope that those who haven’t given yet will be inspired to do so by these photos. Your donations are working wonders out here where a dollar goes a lot further than it would in the Western world. If you haven’t yet, please send whatever you comfortably can. If you have already donated, thank you very much again—and if you could please Forward/Share this wherever you think appropriate, that would also be very helpful. ***AND NOW, the original details, and a link to the GFM page where there are more details about the children as well as info on how to contribute. The link below is to the Go Fund Me page for a project that we friends put together in order to feed hungry children here in Nepal. Please help. I will personally match any contribution made (up to $500 US total). So every dollar you donate automatically becomes two dollars! No contribution is too small (or too large). About 46 dollars gives a 7 member family here a good two week's supply of their traditional food. These children have always been poverty-stricken. Now they are destitute. The GFM page explains why. Children worldwide cause less evil, but suffer more of it, than any other age group. NGO aid groups can't keep up with the rapidly expanding need to keep our children alive and well. Governments often cause more suffering than they cure. Many local neighbors here are no more affluent than the children, so they can't help either. In these times of rapidly increasing crisis, in this era where so many things have been done wrong, please join us in this important effort to do something right. Those we trusted to be the professional directors of our various social structures have mucked things up pretty badly. The future is in the hands of you and I, the steadfastly dedicated amateurs. Please help make sure that these children get to have a future. Thank you very much for whatever you can do. Be well, Tenzin p.s. In case you want to know who the project organizers are: Zach Aldridge—Oneonta NY/Columbia University. The project is this young scholar's brainchild. He coaches essay writing for, and is a private tutor to, college students—as well as being a perpetual student himself. Romash Shrestha—legal liaison for Tribhuvan University, Bishwa Bahsha campus, Kathmandu. Those nice alphabet T-shirts the children are wearing in the GFM page photo came from him a while back. He has been doing what he can to care for these kids-in-need for years. But now the need has become more desperate. It has become more than one person here can possibly handle alone. Doug Tenzin Rose—author of Fearless Puppy books and projects

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