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June 2020 Newsletter

Picture - Fields of gold – Laura Rodley ©

Trapped In Heaven/Free In Bondage Fearless Puppy

Want to know how to be blissfully free while in bondage? Get “trapped” in a Stupa’s wheelhouse in Kathmandu! Just two short hours after that last paragraph finalized plans for a Spanish adventure, Spain closed. It seems like most of the world has closed at this point. More people died from seasonal flu last year than have died from the corona virus that has recently spun the planet into panic. The manufactured fear is proving to be a lot worse than the actual disease. Nepal has one reported case that was isolated and cured weeks ago. Nonetheless, most businesses are closed and there are very few people on the streets. The government has suggested that folks stay home for a while. Communication with the Western world tells me that overreactions to this virus are even more pronounced there. Call me a conspiracy theorist, label me inappropriately paranoid, and send me for counseling but I’ll bet anyone that wants to take the bet—something worse than a virus is happening behind the scenes of all this. There is a bigger sociopolitical plague and degeneration of freedom in the works than a virus could possibly affect. Anyway, I am trapped here in heaven and loving it. I'm not loving the media-created fear, or the way so many people follow its lead. There is nothing lovable about the economic threat to so many decent people that are just a paycheck or two away from homeless and hungry.


No one could love the restrictions already put on personal freedoms, or the strong possibilities for those restrictions to expand in the near future. What I am loving is that sheer dumb luck has landed me on a fragrant garden island floating in a sea full of both bullshit and real shit. Yes, there is a nasty storm all around, complete with monsters, gas- lighting, social maelstroms, a manipulation of the public that is painful to watch, and tidal waves of fearful insanity.

But when your dimension is collapsing, it is a real plus to be surrounded by folks who are already halfway into another dimension. As mentioned a few chapters ago, Joseph Campbell said something to the effect that when a person is no longer directed by the history of his or her carnal body, but rather by the consciousness that informs that body, the suffering of that coarser carnal self no longer has anything to do with this person's experience of life. Living in the dimension of consciousness cancels a lot of problems that exist within the “normal” mundane dimension of living. Mythologically speaking, it is like the shackles fall off while never leaving the wrists—like being free in bondage.

I may be in the singular place on Earth where more people per square foot of ground understand and live by the principles that Professor Campbell spoke about. This approach to life has always made sense. It has been voiced, in one form or another, by sages around the world for thousands of years. It may be more important to remember it now than it has ever been to remember anything! ***If you missed the Introduction to the book that will be titled Temple Dog Soldier and contains the above chapter, or would like to see several other chapters that are available for free online, go to the Puppy website blog section at, or check out fearlesspuppy at, or send email requests to This is a book in progress. You are reading it as it is being created! Just like you, I don’t know what the next chapter is going to be about until it is written. As the Intro will tell you, this is a totally true story and the only book ever written about an around the world voyage being made by a corpse!***The books Fearless Puppy On American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense by this same author are also available through the website, as are free sample chapters from those books. Very entertaining tv/radio interviews with, and newspaper articles about, the author are also available there. There is no charge for anything but the complete books! Author profits from book sales will be donated to help sponsor an increase in the number of wisdom professionals on Earth, beginning with but certainly not exclusive to Buddhist monks and nuns.


ARCHEOMETER IN FUNCTION 2020 Macarena Miletich

In relation to the planetary situation that we are living, as therapists and healers, as people close to evolution and love for the planet, we can perform this act of healing, in addition to our own practices.

Sometimes, we would like to help with something specific to a situation on the planet. I am sure that each person "knows" how to collaborate.

We propose:

From the Archetypes of Healing, we can do this healing act: The Archeometer, Master Archetype, gives the indication of 08, as "new day", thinking about the planetary health situation we are experiencing.

As always, it was curious to confirm that, for the human body, 08 on the "archeometric clock for health" says: "lungs" (.....) We can think of it, symbolically, as "new day", which is what we all want.


Music: HEAL THE WORLD ,Michael Jackson

If it is suitable within your practices ... cheer up, let's visualize!



As the world hunkers down to be virus free We can be as best as we can be Full of prayer, kind and loving, all to share Within our family unit now confined There is an unknown joy to be found No secrets hid, all overcome, intense But proving We are One and can sustain These weeks of quiet, without resorting to a riot! Tricky sometimes, but see the lighter side All will be well, the results of this unique time Only time will tell. So let’s enjoy, be free of fear, each day a gift To hold so dear, we will not surrender or succumb We are here for everyone!

©Geraldine Sherbone with Love to all


Waiting to be downloaded the June issue of the Magazine

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Glastonbury Tor, UK Linked Meditation Become Involved


Join with us for the daily sending out of Pure Love, Light and Balancing energies, at 7pm GMT, daily, using the focal point of Glastonbury Tor, UK, to encompass the World and all within it.

This is a free activity that any human being can do, in aid of the world that we live in. All can participate and help, there are no barriers.

Not able to make the sending out time of the energies at 7pm!

You can still join in and be of great value, by sending Pure Love energy to the Tor, putting on the intention that it is stored there until 7pm the next day, when it will be sent out with the rest of the Pure Love energy into the world and to encompass all.

Everyone can make a difference, don’t let anyone else including yourself, tell you different.

A thought is all it takes

You are welcome to submit, articles, pictures, poems, experiences etc for the Newsletter or the Magazine.

Look forward to hearing from you.



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