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How my cancer cured itself is described a few lines in, but first let’s talk about a gift for both you and tomorrow’s still-living birthday boy. A kind wish is always very much appreciated, but if you are moved to and can afford to get a birthday present, just buy a copy of Fearless Puppy on American Road from the website or from Amazon where all the 5*reviews are instead. If you’ve already read it, send the copy to Scorcese or a publishing house or donate it to your local library or just give it to a friend. All author profits from book sales will fund an increase in world wisdom (as described at fearlesspuppydotinfo website). For those of you wondering whether I am still really alive enough to wish a happy birthday on July 13 at all, I am healthy enough to be planning an international trip in the fall. So your next question is, “How did you put the stopper in cancer?” I'll tell you. There were a lot of variables. The support of a few wonderful friends, change to a comfortable and stress free environment, Rick Simpson Oil, apricot seeds, heavy vitamins, CBD Oil, steam room and whirlpool, concentrated ginger, Chaga mushrooms, not believing the paradigms and mindsets of our draconian medical industry, Spirulina/Wheatgrass/Vegetable juices, and more were employed. But the foundation for healing, as well as what tied all the other factors together, is pretty well described in the video whose link is posted below—even though this specific video, doctor, and program weren’t discovered by me until healing had pretty much already done itself. I wove some very similar ideas to those in the video into months of breathing, meditation practices, and paying attention to myself. While it is true that I have spent decades practicing many things akin to those described in the video before ever seeing it or hearing of Doctor Joe, the very similar messages/methods/possibilities described in the video are within the capability of any living human being. Experience may help, but none is truly necessary. You, and anyone, can do this IF you put all of yourself into it! And wherever these folks are, my literally undying gratitude to them and so many other folks like them whose information and inspiration fueled everything else: Bernie Seigel, Sadhguru, Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza, all the Buddhist Monks/Nuns and Lamas, Nancy, Mahatma Gandhi, Rasputin, Mother Teresa, John Lennon, MLK, John Trudell, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Bobby Sands, Mitch Snyder, Buddha, Jesus, Neo Anderson, Bernie LaPlante, Chauncy Gardner, Joe Campbell, Hairy Pothead and the Stoned Source, and many others.

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