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Fearless Puppies In Gambia/One Native, One Imported

Just received this photo of my I-friend Sulayman in Gambia with a copy of Fearless Puppy and a grammar book I sent to him. From what I understand, Sulayman is busting ass trying to teach kids in an elementary school there. There is no electricity in his village and many of the people in his country live on $1 per day. If you can afford or have any old books, blank notebooks, pens, school supplies of any sort, money for food/clothing for them, outgrown children's clothing, or anything else you can afford to send, the address is: Sulayman Dem. Bumsala Village, Banjul, Gambia, West Africa Phone #2203784930 (you have to put the phone # on the package so that the PO can contact him. He says his school principal gave him the phone). If you would rather send things to me to forward to him, let me know. *A side note to my fellow cynics and skeptics. No, I haven't been over there and yes, I am just as skeptical (or more so!) than you are. Sadly, there are so many assholes in the world that no one can ever be sure who is for real and who isn't. I'm getting involved here for 3 reasons. 1--This feels like a real one to me and I think we can do a massive amount of good with just a small effort and almost no sacrifice. 2--Sulayman and I have been talking on Linked In for a month, during which time he asked me for nothing. It was my idea to send a grammar book and a Fearless Puppy. This is not a "Nigerian prince" asking for a bank transfer! 2--I have come to a certain point in life where I have to be and do who I am on the way inside, no matter how jaded seven decades in this greed&debt culture has tried to make me or what the result of my attempt to Stay Human meets with on the other end. Please help him if you can.

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