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The World Fusion Show released our first episode with Tony Vacca in July 2017. On Friday February 15 we will be releasing our 43rd episode. To my great surprise and with almost no promotion the show very quickly caught on and is now being played on 83 public access TV stations in 21 states. The podcast is currently being heard in over 50 countries. Not bad for a little TV show from Brattleboro, VT!

Each show costs around $500 to produce. That money goes into hiring the two people who do the video and audio production and insures that shows are produced with the highest quality. Up until now I have been paying for the production costs out of my own pocket but unfortunately I have reached the point where I am out of money. I can’t afford to make any more new shows. That’s where you come in. An anonymous donor has offered to sponsor one complete show and will do so as a matching grant.

So…if you are one of the many out there who have been enjoying The World Fusion Show please help keep it going by sending what you can afford. Double your impact. Every dollar you donate becomes two!

Please send what you can to: Worldsoul Records, P.O. Box 403 Putney, VT 05346 or go to and click on the Support page.

Thanks a million! Derrik Jordan


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