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Come on now, time to stop the prohibition and set the "cannabis" record straight!

Congress out-lawed cannabis in 1937 even though there were over 256 pharmatopia remedies and treatments being used at that time.

Now you can be a part of making an historical adjustment that will put cannabis in the right category and stop the prohibition on cannabis.

Please sign "A Better Way" petition if you believe cannabis, aka marijuana, kind and Mary Jane, has medicinal properties.

The Federal government posts claim of the medicinal properties of CBD. DEA places CBD drug (Epidiolex) in Schedule V of the Controlled Substance Act, known as the CSA.

Being uncomfortable and in pain is not the way. There are thousands of people that have suffered medical situations of injuries, sicknesses and diseases that have experienced the medicinal "relief" cannabis gives.

You can ease your discomforts with a "toke", bite or a cup of cannabis tea. Cannabis always works for me(!), say's Stormy Ray.

Please sign "A Better Way" petition!

Hi! Sign if you believe marijuana has medicinal properties and should not be a Schedule 1 Drug under the Federal Controlled Substance Act!

If you agree, sign and share!

My name is Stormy Ray, I'm the Grandmother that helped bring you the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act of 1998. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You made OMMA Oregon law.

For the patients that can eat again in spite of their medical treatments for the patients with MS, like myself that have experienced an increase in abilities and for the patients with glaucoma that have kept their eyesight, we all thank you!


God Bless,

Stormy Ray

The Stormy Ray Cardholders' Foundation

715 Canyon Two Rd. Ontario, Oregon 97914

(541) 889-5030

MMJ Information Helpline: 503-587-7434

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