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1--Most of what we occupy our minds with simply does not exist. There is no one who can overcome that which does not exist. Sure there's a lot of bad shit in the world, but 90 percent of the things we stress about on a daily basis just simply aren't there in real life. These horror movies we keep creating in our minds are not facilitating anything good. At least if you can't control the world and have it the way you want it, you can train your mind enough so that it is the way you want it. Sane, practical, happiness will substitute very nicely for stewing over what some asshole at the office did, wanting to cry because your president likes getting pissed on, being hurt by an intended or unintentional insult, reliving past betrayals and fearing future sufferings, or giving yourself an ulcer from worrying about the bills.

2--Human hearts and minds are what improves human culture--not the other way around. Our culture has been driven to the demented state it now occupies by the less agreeable facets of human hearts and minds. Only when vast numbers of individuals change them selves, as individuals, will the culture have any chance of changing itself as a culture. Even from a selfish point of view, it makes sense to teach your mind to be nicer and happier! There are so many things in the world that are out of our control. Possibly the only thing that is actually within any individual's control is the way we each experience our own life. Whether you are getting stabbed or kissed, only you get to decide whether to smile or cry about it--whether to be happy because of or in spite of the circumstances. Add to all this the painfully obvious evidence that fixing things on the outside just doesn't work. We have almost "fixed" the planet into extinction. Humanity's only hope of survival lies in the individual efforts that its members invest on behalf of righting their own minds.

3--I can't say it any better so:

a) "The truth is more important than the facts." Frank Lloyd Wright

b) "The most revolutionary act that a person in this country can perform is to be happy." Patch Adams

c)"Just do things to enhance your perception and intelligence. The rest will anyway happen." Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

d) "My humanity does not include the insanity of striving to appease your judgmental perception of my unattained perfection. I am not required to display constant charm or disarm the alarm that you've mentally manufactured about some fabricated effects that my existence has on your stress or happiness. That’s in your mind, but not in my life. I will not join in with that meaningless strife. I don’t want to get up in anyone’s face so I’ll try to proceed with some semblance of grace as I undress the boundaries folks set for my space while they expound horse shit about “land of the free” and how I can do what makes me joyed and thrilled, as long as that falls within borders they build to confine all my actions and feelings and thought to reflect just how much they have been sold and bought for."

e)"If you do not have a consistent sweetness of emotion within you, you are truly disabled." Thanks again, Sadhguru!

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