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A Simple Prescription To End War

I just saw this post about Starbucks that is in the downloaded insert. My reply to it follows directly. It's a simple prescription for ending war--one human; one family, community, or company at a time. You are right about getting this out to everyone! If people see this and then are inspired to start showing the Gandhian non-cooperation with, and non-support of, war that Starbucks just did, maybe we can put an end to this criminal violence and stop the murder. That would also leave us enough money to fix everything that is wrong with the planet and many of the things that are wrong with humans. What really has to happen is that the soldiers themselves have to take the same attitude that Starbucks did! Iraqi soldiers, Afghani soldiers, Chinese soldiers, American soldiers--I don't care if they are Icelandic or Canadian soldiers! Nobody is right if everybody is wrong. If each individual did whatever little bit was in their power to not cooperate with or support war then war, all war, would end. I don't really like Starbucks coffee but I'm going to start drinking it again after seeing this! Thanks for posting it.

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