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IN HONOR OF OUR REAL HEROES (not the hired killers)

On this sacred day of paying homage, respect, and gratitude to our fallen heroes who have lost their precious lives, been imprisoned for, or are missing in action as a result of working for the benefit of humanity, I give honor to: The Panchen Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, Socrates, Geronimo, Leonard Pelletier, Diane Fosse, Nelson Mandela, Mitch Snyder, Karen Silkwood, Bobby Sands, John Kennedy, Jesus Christ, and so many unknown millions of others who stood with those above, or with other great leaders in other noble causes; and to those many who sacrificed as much and were every bit as important as the famous, but whose names we will never know; and also to those who stood alone strongly, although without allies, in service of the effort to have light prevail over darkness. Without all these peaceful warriors, humanity would be morally bankrupt and spiritually deceased. To all the fallen heroes of decency, kindness, peace, love, justice, equality, and sanity--thank you for your sacrifice.

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