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Lightning Logic for You and Yours

“Our truth, happiness, practicality, and objectivity all suffer from ancient dogma as well as modern advertising. Behavioral codes that are no longer relevant and fairy tales that never were have been deeply rooted within our psyches since we were too young to own the logic that would dismiss them.” Lama Tenzin Roisin Dubh ***Brooklyn Translation***Much of what we’ve been told all our lives is bullshit. It is part of a very old formula devised by a few greedy, arrogant pricks a long time ago in order to keep the majority of us submissive, productive, and under control. History and morality have both been bent to support the purpose and reflect the ego of tyrants. For example: Lincoln didn’t start the civil war to free the slaves, Columbus did not “discover” America or prove the world round, there is no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy, greed kills more people than cancer, no brand of cologne will get you laid, there are better solutions to almost any disagreement than war, targeting civilians instead of soldiers is always inexcusable, no sin is original, no one can “give you” the freedom that you were born with, no God is “on your side” any more than he would be on any other side, Earth doesn’t need us—not as “stewards” or anything else—we need Earth to survive, neither John Wayne, The Buddha, Allah, nor Jesus is going to ride in on a white horse at the last minute and save us from all the dumb shit we’ve done, sex is not a sin but overpopulation is, you don’t need most of the shit you own and you certainly don’t need any more, JFK was not killed by Oswald, violence never works in the long run, gentle kindness and compassion are not “just for pussies,” there is no (external) “boogieman,” you are in total control of your own responses to every situation whether you know it or not and whether you exercise that control or surrender it—and this is the only thing you are in total control of, hope and prayer are not sufficient substitutes for constructive and appropriate action, culture controls your children more than you do, our education system is not an education system, white folks started the tradition of scalping Indians—not the other way around, praising Jesus and supporting war or racism is a more obvious sign of schizophrenic hypocrisy than painting walls with your own shit, “wart-covered witches stirring cauldrons” were actually beautiful female herbal healers in pre-Christian matriarchal European tribal culture, most of what we call “food” shouldn’t be touched without gloves much less eaten, the number of people dying from treatment by doctors and from taking “properly prescribed medication” is fast approaching the number of people dying of diseases, much bigger criminals than those incarcerated are making major money off the prison industry, odds are that he who dies with the most toys is a shallow scumbag rather than a “winner,” all wars are economic no matter how well they are disguised as moral or religious, ego does not need to be destroyed but transcended, and most of what we think is real, simply is not. If we do not wake up to the fact that we, and only we ourselves, are both the monster under the bed and the angel flying over the headboard; if we don’t take action as a unified force of humanity that is based on the equanimity of its members; if we don’t start withholding our cooperation and compliance, whether willful or unwitting, from the systems that we know are a detriment to both nature and people, we are very surely and profoundly fucked. On the bright side, human potential is unlimited. We certainly have the ability to jack up the more beautiful houses we’ve built, move them off those collapsing foundations of bullshit that they currently teeter on, and reset them on solid ground. Got tools? Have a nice day!

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