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CRIMINAL SEXUALITY IN OUR PREDATOR CULTURE There are some concrete reasons why so many folks are ruled by their genitals. While I agree that it is necessary for perverts to be accountable for their actions, isn’t our popular reaction to the past year’s sensationalist exposures of celebrity sexual deviance a bit like having a war on poor people instead of a war on poverty? Where is the indictment of our culture? Our religions? Our advertising? Nature’s hard-wiring of our reproductive drives is so much to deal with all by itself that it makes most people's heads explode during puberty. Having male equipment makes the job even more difficult. It takes effort, willpower, and proper training to insure that harmlessly out-of-control boys don't become harmfully out-of-control men. Do we get that training? No! We get sexual repression from our religions that often leads to explosive acting out. We also get constant sexual hypnosis designed to sell us products. The people behind these processes know that they can use sex to push buttons within us that are beyond most people’s conscious control. In this way, advertisers get folks to buy their products and ideas through association with sexuality. Salesman have used this approach powerfully enough to convince people to do some pretty bizarre things and purchase some very bizarre products. The residual effects of our constant battering by these unhealthy commercial sexual reference points has led to social disaster. So what do we do? Do we try to cut off the problem at its source? Do we attempt to uproot this systemic manipulation of our population by prosecuting, or at least making effort to change, the institutions responsible for this negative brainwashing? No, we prefer the sensationalist approach that allows us to stay in denial about our systemic shortcomings. We prefer to deny our collective malfunctions by heaping rage upon a few degenerates who have been clumsy, evil, and unfortunate enough to get picked out of the crowd. This allows us to feel good about being on the “right side” without having to actually take any action that may wobble the status quo. Of course, everyone is responsible for their actions and the actions of individual pervs are not excusable. But in a deeper way, this situation equates to the war on individual illegal drug users as opposed to addressing the drug culture that has been spawned and fostered by the pharmaceutical/medical industry—as well as resembling the aforementioned war on poor people that we are engaged in, instead of the war on poverty that we should be engaging. Many of these systemic malfunctions are global problems but, as is so often true, America seems to be leading the way. Do we want to be known as a nation that leads the world in the prosecution of degenerate individuals, while also leading the world in perpetuating the degenerate systems that produced those sick individuals? As Jim Jefferies and the Aussies might say, “What a bunch of cunts!” And as George Carlin has often said, “We could outlaw religion in this country and most of these sexual crimes would disappear within a generation or two, but we don't have the time for rational solutions!” It might be easy for you to find fault with these comedic approaches, but it sometimes becomes necessary to exaggerate a point that is being ignored just to get that point some essential attention. It seems that, where religious sexual repression and hypnotic sexual advertising are concerned, we reached that “necessary to overstate” plateau a long time ago. Yet so many such essential messages continue to fall on deaf ears in spite of their shock value and humorous appeal. We continue to ignore actual problems in favor of employing manageable scapegoats, alibis, and excuses. You can hang everyone from the most severe Cosbys to the mildest Frankens from the highest tree you can find. That’s a very understandable reaction. But treating a symptom never cured a disease.

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