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We are in a place that many folks refer to as a dying country, dying culture, dying world. A lot of people I know are older. Many are getting sick or dying. Even The Sun “dies” at this time of year before it “starts growing again.” These thoughts seem to have brought to life the twelve year old poet working his way backward to zero in my dying brain, and he scratched out this little ditty. “Relax, my friend. Relax in every way. Enjoy all the beauty in this singular day. You already know there is nothing to fear. Enjoy every moment. There’s no call for tears. The Universe loves you, your friends do too, as we hope to add strength to the happy in you. Whether at home or traveling, whether in church or bar, there is no place we’re going. We just are where we are. Joy overrides suffering in this place of “Is”—not In Was nor in Will Be can we feel life’s bliss. “Is” is where bliss can be readily found. So with head in the clouds but feet on the ground keep the heart of a warrior that’s calm and abounds with the love of forever. That forever is Now. Any sorrowful hour can be suffering’s delight if one gives it free reign and bows to its plight, but what seems to be better for an option, by far, is to smell the sweet roses and breath in the stars. We all come from nothing, back to it we head, but that surely is not an occasion for dread. What happens here, what will happen there, is no source of worry because you’ve taken care of this world and its live ones as best as you can. Kharma rewards such a beautiful stand. We’ve been love while here, we’ll be love when we’re gone. All of our moments need love to stay strong. These moments of life may seem shadowed by death, the difficult times, even each waking breath but you’ve been and still are sterling, golden, and true. That’s who you are. That’s what you do. You’ve loved up the world since you fell off mom’s shelf, now take some good time just to love up yourself.” Fearless Puppy “Rejoice, rejoice, we have no choice but to carry on.” CSN “I have heard that those who celebrate life walk safely among the wild animals. When they go into battle, they remain unharmed. The animals find no place to attack them and the weapons are unable to harm them. Why? Because they can find no place for death in them. There is no place for death to enter.”

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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