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Fifty years of foot soldiering grinds your bones and joints nearly into powder. Your neck and upper back won’t let you post much on the Internet. Your legs and lower back won’t let you walk or sit much. Full recovery seems a feat that only a much younger person, if anyone, can accomplish. Becoming a vegetable, and then topsoil, seems imminent. The project you have been working on for decades is now physically un-doable (although lottery hits and other miracles are still possible!) Quick! What’s your favorite song? This is mine. Luckily I still know some good things that can be accomplished with limited mobility and even while lying down flat! If you like this tune, you’ll have to Share it out yourself. I don’t have the sinew for much of that anymore. Have fun, kids! Nothing lasts forever, and everything is on its way to somewhere. "The most revolutionary act that a person in this country can perform is to be happy." Patch Adams

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