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The Joy Of Failure, The Agony Of Success

An Incredibly Wonderful Failure. “I am a big failure because I know that what my goals are, I know I will die without fulfilling them. And it is my wish and blessing that everybody, that all of you, should die without fulfilling your goals. That means your goals must be so large that you take one step… you can only set the direction for what you want. The work, this you do to the end of your life and the next generation should pick it up and hopefully they will complete it. Only if you have a very constipated goal… you will accomplish it by 60 or so!” Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has: 1—establishedThe Isha Foundation and its branches that have educated millions in yoga and inner engineering. 2—established Project Green Hands, which has planted millions of trees and arguably saved the agriculture and ecosystem of Southern India. 3—established Rally For Rivers to revive many dying rivers. 4—voted one of the top 100 most powerful people in India for his ecological and spiritual contributions. 5—has mentored at the United Nations, World Economics Forum, etc. 6—Poet/Author 7—founded Isha Vidhya educational initiative to improve literacy. 8—there are just too many more of this man's accomplishments to list them all here. I guess the moral of the story is that everyone’s definition of failure and success is different! Setting your goals too high to achieve them is an idea with a lot of merit. Sadhguru has inspired me to come up with my own definition of success. Here it is. I have known so many of you who have stared over the edge of mind-blowing personal trauma and even more who have slipped into the sludgepit mindstream of socially-induced “reality”—but I’ve had the privilege of knowing the many of you who have bounced back out of these dungeons saying not, “Where can I hide?” but “How can I help?” You are a success—and a role model. I thank you for your inspiration and hope you set your sights high enough to enjoy your failure.

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