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From The Head Of The Celtic Buddhist Order

I do not do FB or twitter. Please post this for me. "It is time to Ban all Assault Guns in America for the public good. It is time for the law makers to step up and frame a law to outlaw these guns, and have the manufacturers that made a profit from these guns buy them back to destroy them. Anyone who after a certain time has one in their possession should receive a 5 year prison sentence. Some times you have to give up your toys for the welfare of others" Yeshe Tungpa Rinpoche,

CelticBuddhist Lineage. Thank you and love. ***I am, as I think any sane person would be, in total agreement with the statement above. The love of violence is an acute form of mental illness suffered around the world. America seems to be leading the way in rationalizing this disease--but America has led the way in many more positive efforts in the past and it is time for us to take the fore in this one as well. If your gun isn't being used to gather food, you don't need it. More people have, and always will be, destroyed by weapons than saved by them.

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