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I don't need $!

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING A LOT MORE VALUABLE RIGHT NOW! You can do something very valuable and very simply!

Hi Y'all! I hope you are happy and healthy.

Please go to the NEW website

There you will find buttons 1/2 way down the page to Share it through various social networks to your appropriate friends and groups.

Further down are Follow buttons for many social media groups. Please push a lot of, or at least some, buttons.

This is all part of a massive redo of all networks and tactics in an effort to pump some life into the Fearless Puppy project.

Soon I'll be learning YouTube and starting to post regular weekly videos there and on Facebook Live.

My marketing-knowledgable buddy tells me that after several months of that I should have established enough presence to make it worthwhile to invest some of the money that my mother just left me into advertising.

Not only are things a little bleak in America now and wisdom is more sorely lacking than ever, but also I am 66 long years old. I better get done now whatever is going to get done.

This project for funding wisdom with profits from sales of very entertaining books that promote wisdom seems like the best way to utilize my naturally declining resources and energy.

There are still plenty left to get some very good stuff done--or at least give it a damn good try! What's up with you?

Thanks very, very much for whatever you can do. In our current national and international shit storm I beg you to consider that it is more sensible to be a bit overly ambitious than it is to be subdued in motivation.

Be well. Love, Ten

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