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from Reincarnation Through Common Sense by Doug "Ten" Rose                                                  Return to Chapter List


Would You Rather Be a Finger
or Part of a Hand?

Waiting for God or Congress to fix things won’t work. The Collective Human Attitude cannot change until the attitudes of the individuals composing it do. This has been proven many times. Great Masters have come and gone. We remember their words and immortalize their faces but the practical applications that were the truth of their teachings have been as consistently mislaid as a teardrop in the rain.


It may be true that some people are just too fucking lazy to change their minds. The bigger problem is that many of us are too stressed out, distracted, and preoccupied to concentrate on the process of making this a truly better life for our selves and a better world for everyone. Inhumane stress levels numb us into surviving under comfortably fossilized lies instead of living with truths that might be disturbing in the very short run, but will save us in the long run.


The inhumane stress levels that modern people suffer are largely fueled by two pieces of drastic misinformation. Nearly all of us have been brutally misled regarding the qualities defining our most critical human directions—the purpose of life and the meaning of success.


Repaired working definitions of these terms are necessary in order for us to produce peace and decency on an individual level. Only after plenty of that has been accomplished can peace and decency arrive and survive at the national and planetary levels.


The bigger masterpiece can only be painted by the combined brush strokes of all our little self-portraits.


All the great teachers, religions, and spiritual traditions seem to be pretty unanimous in their on-paper notions of the terms purpose of life and success. The purpose of a human life is to achieve health and happiness, and to assist whatever else is alive to do the same. The meaning of personal success is in developing the individual decency and courage to promote that universal well being, and in building the skillful means to turn that brilliant motivation into something realistically helpful to self and others.


* * *

No One can save us now. Salvation has been circling the planet for a long time. It can’t do much without a place to land! We have to provide that landing pad by personally moving toward what we are asking for, by becoming peace and cooperation, and by leaving a lot of old bullshit behind.

It can be difficult for a person to independently redirect his or her focus. Millennia of now outdated conditioning and our present-day hypnosis by modern media only scratch the surface of what needs to be overcome.

But we have to start somewhere.

* * *

The best place to start may be to simply make our selves comfortable.

* * *

There are very few insurmountable obstacles in life. What may seem like insurmountable obstacles at first are more often just severe challenges. Most of us can victoriously rise above any challenge presented by making a comfortable but determined effort to do so. This holds true whether that challenge comes from the most evil corner of the world or the darkest corners of our own minds.

“There are no problems. Only solutions.”

John Lennon

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